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2017 Baselworld, a far-sighted Swiss pioneer watch brand RADO adds a masterpiece to its long-term leading product line. Rado HyperChrome LS watch combines the use of light and smart phones to bring unprecedented experience with the watch.
Rado HyperChrome LS watch, retains the HyperChrome series has always been fashion sports design style, and combines the latest Swatch Group R & D technology. For the respect for science and technology, the pursuit of fashionable elite men to bring HyperChrome LS watch and HyperChrome LS moon phase watch two to Zhen masterpiece, as the name suggests, these two watches are equipped with a central tachometer or moon phase profit and loss display function, and groundbreaking The use of optical radiation frequency to control the watch.
Long press the crown, HyperChrome LS watch can receive light signals. Start a custom phone application (APP), a bunch of flash through the dial on the tiny drill through the watch, thus activating the watch. Since then, the wearer can easily through the smart phone to achieve the control of the watch.
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The use of smart phones remote control watch is not only a new way of interaction, but also opened a new era of diversified timing. Both HyperChrome LS watches have a calendar function, can automatically identify the different length of the month and year, which means that the wearer no longer need to frequently adjust the date. In addition, the watch also integrates daylight saving time technology (DST), can automatically switch between winter and daylight saving time.
HyperChrome LS watch the advantages of far more than calendar function and winter daylight saving time automatic calibration function. The moon phase profit and loss display module is driven by a bidirectional rotary motor and can be rotated in two different directions. In this way, the moon phase display at the 3 o'clock position corresponds to the geographical location of the wearer: rotates clockwise in the northern hemisphere and counterclockwise in the southern hemisphere. The sunrise / sunset display at 9 o'clock can display the sunrise and sunset at any point set by the wearer, which is an upgrade and a supplement to the moon's profit and loss function. HyperChrome LS tachometer watch speed can also be easily realized, the wearer just start the timer before using the smart phone input target distance, the watch will calculate the average speed, and through the speed indicator to be displayed.http://www.watchesbuysale.co/

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