Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti Watch

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Although the senior watch strap is always closely related with the leather, the watch itself seems to have little direct contact with the shoes. One can imagine, such a change in design level for Hublot is definitely a big theme. This Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti watch, show proud of the "fusion of art."

First to talk about the top footwear brand Berluti. Founded in 1895, Berluti always insists on providing high-quality footwear services, with Patina antique dyeing techniques to make the gradual tone of the Venetian leather craft, is Berluti famous features. Each pair of Berluti shoes are handmade, and in the custom process, Berluti even for customers to create a dedicated foot mold, and in particular the production of a pair of shoes for testing only to confirm the customer dressed comfortably by the plant Of the shoe master with the best leather to complete the custom shoes. So exquisite procedures to go back and forth to spend 9 months time, only to complete a pair of top Berluti custom shoes.

Replica Hublot Classic Fusion Watches

So, Hublot is how Berluti's leather craft is into the watch? Watch the appearance of the watch can be found, two new Classic Fusion Berluti watch leather strap with the past, especially King Gold watch gold watch strap, especially written Berluti classic Venezia Scritto calfskin shoes on the grass Write words. Originally Berluti inspired by the 18th century leather file on the beautiful font, the use of Patina dyeing techniques show gradient tone, the achievements of unique shoes. Now Hublot will be the leather art and classic design used in the strap, very taste.

Strap, the dial material is also used tobacco color leather. A closer look, face plate on the time scale and brand logo are embossed way to show, in line with the leather should be under the style, but also different from the general face plate design. However, the use of leather face plate should be the most worry, in fact, humidity. We all know that the general leather contains a certain degree of moisture, if it is completely sealed in the case, the mirror will eventually "fog" risk. So Classic Fusion Berluti watch after Hublot special treatment, the water vapor is completely ruled out, making the leather dial to dry and placed in the case.

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