Hublot Big Bang One Click Chen Man 39mm 465.SE.6070.RW.CHM17

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As the first Hublot and brand ambassador Chen Man co-design watch products, this Big Bang One Click Chen Man 39mm 465.SE.6070.RW.CHM17, the watch will be the realization of Oriental women's understanding of the time in the dial between. Dial 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 and 12:00 when the time scale meaningful - were engraved with shy buds, in full bloom corolla, fluttering peach leaves and full of fruit. This vivid agile peaches, in the shallow green and soft white against the background is particularly charming, just like the beauty of a little bit of cinnabar mole, also full of auspicious meaning of auspicious. Clockwise rotation, record the reincarnation of a peach life. One flower one world, one of the morphological changes in a very female perspective to write a four seasons circulation, natural change, the world round of carols.Replica Hublot Big Bang One Click

Table back to the head of the four words Proverbs "Jin Zhiyu" for Chen Man message, from the idiom "Jinzhiyu Ye", the flowers and leaves of the moment is good, placed in the long time in the romantic lay out. "Jinzhi Yu", you understand my mind, silent, can be described as the highest level of love. Stainless steel case hard as gold, is the situation than Jin Jian, mother of pearl Fountain dial like a gentle, is a modest state, a just a soft, hardness and softness, in color, in the material, all reveal the sense of harmony, Tell the years of good Chinese-style romantic, streamer mildly, affectionate. Watch with two-color natural rubber strap, "a key" fast replacement strap system so shallow green and white with the mood with, wonderful, both aesthetic and practical significance.

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Replica Hublot Big Bang One Click

Replica Hublot Big Bang One Click

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